Reiki Healing is the process of promoting and reigniting your innate ability to heal through the channeling of universal life force energy (chi, ki, prana, etc.). Just as your physical body requires maintenance and healing, so does your energetic, spiritual and aural bodies. Reiki healing recharges your life force energy to leave you feeling reenergized, recalibrated, restored + renewed.

Distance Reiki Healing

Because reiki works on the subtler layers of the self, it can be done at a distance. It can make for great gifts to yourself or a loved one.

30 Minute Distance Reiki Healing Session - $45 exchange
60 Minute Distance Healing Session - $65 exchange

In-Person Reiki Healing

Whether you travel to me or I travel to you, in-person Reiki Healing is the perfect option if you are looking to carve out some special you time. You will lay down on a reiki table (massage table) in comfy clothes ready to receive. You will set an intention for our session and perhaps ask a question to your guides. I will prep you with some grounding breath work before we start and will include gentle massage of marma points, which are similar to accupuncture points, as needed throughout the session. This session is enhanced by music, crystals for chakra balancing + therapeutic essential oils if you desire.

60 Minute Reiki Healing Session - $85 exchange
90 Minute Reiki Healing Session - $150 exchange

How to Book

Simply click the ‘Book Reiki Healing’ button below. Please include in your email your top 3 dates (day/month) you’re requesting to have a session with a specific time slot from my availability. Please also include which service you desire. For Example: “I would like to book a 60 minute distance reiki healing session. My preferred dates would be: Saturday November 16th @ 5pm; Monday November 18th at 9am; or Sunday November 24th at 6pm.” Feel free to also include any other information you desire me to know before we work together.

Weekly Availability:
Mondays and Tuesdays - 9am to 7pm
Wednesdays and Thursdays - 830am to 1030am
Fridays - 4pm to 7pm
Saturdays - 4pm to 7pm
Sundays - 5pm to 7pm

If you are not quite ready to book a session and want to ask a question or two first, use the ‘book’ button below! Thank you.