What is the Goddess?

She is not an esoteric person floating in the sky, but an energy that exists within you! The Goddesses are personified archetypes that provide a roadmap so you may tap into limitless potential that exists within you! They are a deeply spiritual and sacred tool to lead you to realize your fullest human potential. Consider Goddess work a guide to ignite your creativity, foster a deeper connection to Spirit and find your purpose in various areas of your life. You are not just your body, your mind, your thoughts, your emotions, or even your personality. You are many layers composed of various energies that are waiting to be channeled. The Goddess, Shakti, the Divine Feminine. All of these names represent energy that exists within each and every one of us. You can channel Shakti through yoga, breath work, meditation and contemplation, journaling & connecting with others in your tribe who are along the ride with you. She will awaken and manifest all of your dreams with a tender and fierce love you may never thought was possible.

Did you know that we all have the necessary components to heal, grow + transform? In order for that transformation to take place it requires the right timing and a special + sweet SPARK. You landing on this page right here - that is a spark!

Please know right off the bat that there is nothing you need outside of yourself to heal. And also remember that you don’t need to handle everything on your own! Sometimes it takes a special partnership to get that fire re-ignited. And that is where I come in.

Goddess Rising Coaching is a personalized program that will plant the seeds to transform your life. You will become inspired to engage in your life more fully, communicate more effectively and radiate your goodness from the inside out. Through physical, mental/emotional and spiritual exercises we will break down the various facets of your life to reboot your innate healing abilities, rewrite your story + create a prosperous and abundant future. Not only will your perspective on life shift, but you will have tangible tools to work with on a daily basis. We will work with the chakras, or major energetic centers within the body to rise Kundalini energy, the typically untapped potential that exists within the base of your spine.

Through one on one sessions we will examine the many layers of what makes you YOU including but not limited to: creativity, spirituality, nutrition, exercise, emotions, relationships, vision + goals, intimacy, personal development, day to day life, wellness + more! Our sessions are done remotely via phone or other video conferencing methods (like google hangouts, zoom or uberconference) + can take place from anywhere in the world.

What’s Included

❁ four 60 minute calls per month (12 total). Each week is centralized around the different themes of the Goddesses and their corresponding chakras.

❁ satya talk when it comes to you + your goals (satya = truthfulness + accountability)

❁ goddess-centric personalized yoga classes so you can have an at-home practice catered to your needs

❁ personalized guided meditations so you can find healing from anywhere and embody the goddess we are channeling that week

❁ personalized I am affirmations/mantras to aid in healing

❁ all supplemental materials (journal questions, books, videos, articles, podcasts, etc.)

❁ hard copy of my vision + goals journal mailed to your home address

❁ unlimited + ongoing text, email + phone support during our time together

❁ discounts on future events, coaching + workshops where applicable

Who this Coaching is for:

❁ If you are curious in learning more about goddess archetypes and how to harness Divine Feminine Energy
(PS: this is not speaking to only women as men have Divine Femininity as well!)

❁ If you are looking to cultivate a deeper connection to your spiritual self

❁ If you are stuck in (a) particular area(s) of your life

❁ If you are looking to heal from past trauma + are willing to revisit these areas of your life for radical healing

❁ If you desire to heal your interpersonal relationships such as with an intimate partner, family member(s), coworkers, friends, + beyond

❁ If you desire to create an abundant and prosperous future with a clear-cut vision + goals

❁ If you are a yoga or meditation teacher looking to sharpen your teaching skills

❁ If you are in (or are interested in) a leadership role at your job or within your community and wish to lead from your Truth

❁ If you desire to empower yourself

❁ If you want to begin a yoga + meditation practice but do not know how or where to start

❁ If you’re seeking an overall change in any area of your life

❁ If you’re curious to explore your fullest potential

What this Coaching Asks of You

❁ A willingness to explore all areas of your life: past, present + future

❁ An open heart + mind to receive well-intentioned feedback + tools

❁ A commitment to our scheduled sessions over 3 months (minimum)

What to Expect

Each week our sessions will focus on different themes which will fit together like a puzzle. I will ask you questions, guide you through meditations, teach you spiritual exercises and provide you with tools that you can use in our sessions + your daily life.

These sessions will be focused around a particular goddess each week and you will uncork the innate abilities of that goddess that already exists within you.

In between our sessions you will receive personalized yoga practices, guided meditations, journaling prompts, recommended book readings, podcasts and more to jump-start your overall healing. And since this 12 week program is catered to you + your specific needs, the program outline will differ depending on your particular vision.

Why You Should Work With Me

Whenever you embark on spiritual work, it’s important that you trust your guide! I get it. You may be feeling apprehensive if we haven’t met yet, and that is why I want to tell you what my background + experience is with this type of work.

❁ I have over 800 hours of yoga, meditation + leadership training experience in various styles of yoga. My approach is a creative synthesis of all my great teachers who include but are not limited to: Baron Baptiste, Jennifer Reis, Shambhavi Sarasvati, Ragunath Cappo, Joshua M. Greene, Joe Loizzo + many others.

❁ I am a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher and have been teaching yoga as my primary professional career for 5+ years

❁ I am a certified Life + Wellness Coach as well as a Spiritual Advisor

❁ I am a part of the leadership team at my home yoga studio SHINE Power Yoga. This means that I co-write and implement life-changing programming for our teacher trainings. I am also a mentor for yoga teachers there.

❁ I have been practicing spiritual and healing arts for the past 8 years.

❁ I am committed to my personal self-study (svadhyaya) and have a daily yoga and meditation practice. I use all the tools and techniques on myself frequently. You can say I was my first client! :)

Costs + Payments

For one on one Holistic Wellness Coaching I offer packages starting at $1,350 for 12 weeks. Monthly or bi-weekly payment plans are available. You may cancel at any time, although the most success comes from trust. See out the entire program and allow it to unfold + reach completion!

Free consultations are also provided for anyone who is interested in these services. During this free consultation you may ask me any and all of your questions before you make any decisions.

As an added bonus, in addition to our weekly sessions, I am also including:

❁ (1) 60 minute distance reiki energy healing session to clear out karmic and energetic blockages

❁ (1) 60 minute intuitive tarot session to provide you with messages from your unconscious, your spirit guides + your angels

These additional healing sessions will be provided when I feel it could best serve you during your 12 week program!

How to Apply

Please submit an application form using the button below. On the same day you apply, please also send me an email using the button below to let me know you applied (because Google Forms doesn’t send alerts when forms are filled out!). Once your application is accepted I will be in touch in regards to our next steps together!